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4th Maryland Light Artillery

4th Maryland Light artillery, a Civil War Confederate re-enactment unit, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of history and education of the public on the aspects of the Civil War focusing on the Confederate artillery. Our objective is to accurately portray the highly trained Maryland cannoneers in military drills, battle tactics and camp life. 4th Maryland Light Artillery preserves the memory of and pays tribute to those gallant men in gray and blue whose contribution, loyalty, integrity and sacrifice made us the nation we are today!

4th Maryland Light Artillery is a family-oriented group that is based in Maryland and comprised of members from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The unit is affiliated with Alexander's Battalion, which is the artillery branch of Longstreet's Corps. The unit has a Model 1861 full scale reproduction ten-pound Parrott artillery piece and limber. The unit participates in reenactments, encampments and living histories in the tri-state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia from April through November.

We welcome all individuals who are interested in preserving history and who wish to be involved in Civil War reenacting - both new members and veteran reenactors looking for the Confederate experience, or if you desire additional information on the 4th Maryland Light Artillery, please contact us at:

Jean Roger Buchen
4335 Powell School Road
Pittsville, Md. 21850

Email:  JRBuchen@msn.com

Webmaster:  Chris Peters
If you find any thing wrong on the site please contact me at:  KA3MKT@windstream.net

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