4th Maryland Light Artillery
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and Authenticity

  • Uniforms and equipment must represent the Civil War time period. Correct attire, hairstyles, footwear, glasses, watches, etc. are expected. No modern eyeglasses, no sunglasses, clothing with zippers, desert boots, or other non-period attire will be allowed. No man or woman in uniform will be permitted to wear earrings of any type.

  • Members shall provide their own uniforms, clothing accessories, accoutrements, tentage, chairs, cooking utensils, etc.

  • All modern anachronisms such as equipment, modern food packages, coolers, cameras, water bottles, beverage cans, etc, are to be hidden from public view during public camp visitation. Modern beverages are to be poured into period correct cups for consumption. Smoking of modern cigarettes should be curtailed while in public view.

  • Once camp is established at an event, all members will be in proper military attire and remain so until the event is over. Civilians must be in period attire if remaining in camps during the weekend event. All civilians must strive to present the most authentic impression, in manner, clothing and accessories.

  • Vehicles out of camp by the time stated by the respective event regulations. Unload and move vehicle to the designated re-enactor parking area promptly. If you can not meet the time restrictions, park in the designated area and walk gear into camp.

  • At any event, no tents will be taken down until the event is over or unless otherwise directed.

  • All members are responsible for maintaining a clean, safe campsite during an event and leaving their campsite at the end of an event in as good condition as when arriving. Fire pits replaced, refuse, wood and straw collected and placed in central location.

  • Quiet Hours. Members are expected to maintain quiet hours in camp from 11 PM to 6 AM. During quiet hours all members and their guests shall observe appropriate noise reduction.

  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their respective family, guests and visitors.

  • Alcohol Consumption. The use or consumption of alcohol beverages by members while participating at events is prohibited until such time the event or activity is concluded for the day and closed to the general public. Any member observed to be under the influence of alcohol will NOT be allowed to participate on the gun or enter upon the battlefield.

  • Smoking is prohibited while working the gun or within 50 feet of the limber chest and gun. It is the responsibility of each member to watch for and maintain this rule.

  • Any member wishing to participate on the gun crew shall drill with the 4th Maryland Light Artillery at the event on the day of the participation.

  • Members are responsible for ensuring that their canteens are full of water at the start of each event and prior to each battle during a reenactment.

  • At any Civil War event, activity, living history or public ceremony, all members shall follow all military rules, regulations, etiquette and courtesies.
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